Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Economic Slavery and Economic Feudalism

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taboo what is forbidden: Jews and Muslims and Israel:  

Economic feudalism and economic slavery

Nobody can give you a thing without a profit, and we too should not think about acquiring some thing without paying its due price, because trade and profit on some exchange is natural right of the owner. And in the natural market the price of a commodity is determined by the demand and supply activity, but in our world due to enormous growth in human population the simple demand and supply rule has became imbalanced on one hand and obscured on the other hand due to huge population and their ignorance towards the tricks of traders and entrepreneurs, in today’s world every body knows the difficulties which are waiting for him in near future, there fore every thing has became very expensive, purchasing of land, homes and shops and means of income and property has became so expensive that the common peoples can not think about purchasing them, not only the means of income have became expensive but daily need items too became very expensive, bread, milk, fruits and clothes are very expensive, and the common person thinks that all this has became expensive due to the population growth, but this is no 100% correct, the population growth is not alone responsible for the present high prices of every thing, the economists advocate that the increase in the prosperity and purchasing power of common peoples is responsible for the price increase, it is true that the income and salaries of the peoples has increased ten time compared to the last decade, but this increase is due to increase in the price of commodities, the common peoples and workers and labors were not able to purchase food and daily need commodities therefore the salaries and income has naturally increased in tune with the price increase in the market, but there are still some very common commodities in the market which are unnaturally extremely costly for example cloths and house hold utility items and medicines and food products and this is not because imbalance in demand and supply activity but this is because of the unawareness of common public about the techniques of clever entrepreneurs, and because of the common peoples are so busy in their daily life activities of earning money and raising children and thinking of giving them good competitive education and at last enjoying life and relaxing after day long hard work, and the traders and entrepreneurs are using this opportunity of the state of ignorance and unawareness of common public to obtain huge profits from relatively cheaper commodities, for example the food grains production in the world is very huge and millions of tones of food grains can be grown very easily, and a considerable amount of food grain is rotting every year in government warehouses and storage areas and then it is used to make beer and other things and they are planning to use this grain for manufacture of organic diesel, and we have more than enough land to grow food grains and cotton and food items but the governments are not doing so because too much production of food grains and food items is a problem for the governments, the big problem is of storage, because the food grains are very easily damaged by environment, and the governments do not have enough storage capacity to store them, if all the governments of the world work honestly towards the production and distribution of the food grains then there will be plenty of food in the world and it will be very cheap too, the price of the food grain will drop down to 20 times lower than what is now, the world has more than enough land for the cultivation of food grains and all other food items including fruits and oil seeds, but the governments are not utilizing proper land management, all the agricultural land is in private hands and there is no control of government over the owners of the land, if the governments are starting to manage the land properly for food production then there will be every thing very cheap in the markets, and what else we need other, than the house hold utility items such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave cooking ovens and television sets and computers and electronic gadgets and cars and motor vehicles and house furniture and house and accommodation and petrol and cooking gas, all these commodities are obtained from the earth and they are very cheap in their actual value, the plastics and the silicon metal is extremely cheapest but the things manufactured from silicon and plastics are among the one of expensive things, the electronic and electric items are expensive although their raw materials are actually the cheapest things on the earth and such are the chemicals, they are also very cheapest. Because the common peoples are very busy in their daily chorus and unaware about the technology behind the simple things, so the entrepreneurs introduce the same simple things as a very sophisticated one and sell them with huge profits, for example what is in a washing machine for cloths or the electric iron for cloths, the washing machine is just having two electric motors and some rotating buckets fitted in a enclosure of plastic or iron sheet and some controlling system, that’s all , and all these are really very cheap in their actual cost, but the washing machines are sold in the market with very expensive prices, because the common peoples are unaware of their working principle and are unable to make them and the entrepreneurs are using this opportunity to make huge profits, and the story of other gadgets is the same as this the electric iron works on the most undesired property of electric current, when an electric current flows in any metal wire it makes the wire hot, this property of electricity is the most undesired in the electrical engineering, but this very undesired property is used in the electrical iron to heat the surface and that’s all in the electric iron, but you can see the electric irons are sold in the market with very elevated prices, they are presented to the customers as they are very modern and sophisticated gadgets, some arrangement of temperature control and steam spay has added in the electric irons and they are sold for the very high price, but if you knew the real price for this iron that is really very less, what is used in this iron, some plastic and some cheap metal parts and that’s all your electric iron, the story of all the gadgets and equipments is same as this, even the motor vehicles and cars can be very cheap if they are sold in their real value, but the entrepreneurs make use of the ignorance and helplessness of the common peoples to know the technology behind these items and to make them and the inability to attain the manufacturing facilities of the common public, and the entrepreneur makes huge profit out of this helplessness, but this is not only the reason of the high prices of common commodities in the market, but there is one another reason, this time the reason is not local but this reason is the world trade and global marketing opportunity, there are many countries in the world where the land is not able to produce food grains but their land gives huge amount of minerals and metals and coal and gas and petroleum, these countries can be called as rich countries, and in these countries there is huge demand of food grains and all commodities and the inhabitants of these countries are highly paid and they are very rich and wealthy, their income comes from the government gifts and rent of the properties and businesses, and doing business in these countries is very profitable because the inhabitants need food and other commodities and they pay for it very easily because they have easy money and more money and all the entrepreneurs of the world are making business with them and all the commodities are flowing at their doorsteps, and the countries and places which produce these commodities also need the same commodities and the prices of all these commodities remains same at both the places, because selling these commodities in the countries where the inhabitants are highly paid is more profitable for the traders than selling these commodities in the country of its origin or production, so the entrepreneurs and traders prefer to sell them in the hands of rich customers of these rich countries, and if they sell the commodities in the local market where the commodity is originated or produced then there is a chance of getting less profit from the trade, but the local inhabitants of the original countries too need the commodities and there is equally big demand for the commodities, then if the traders sell the commodity in the local original market then there will be huge apparent loss to the traders, (although there will be no actual loss but compared to the business with rich countries this trade can be said to be in loss.), so the local governments allowed the traders to sell the same commodities in the same price every where in the world, the permission to sale in the same price to the traders gave a chance to earn good profit and it also gave a chance to local consumers to purchase any thing they need, but this type of trade has increased the price of the commodity, for example the local consumer has to pay the same price for the item which is sold to him in India as any other consumers paying the price for that same commodity in Dubai, and this is the reason of increased prices in the local markets, for example if you try to purchase clothes, then a jean pant costs the same in India and in Dubai, an Egg costs same in India and in Dubai, a bread costs same in India and in Dubai, a labor in India who makes a cotton T shirt has to pay the same amount for the T shirt as any layman in Dubai will pay for it. The government is not any living body so it can not be blamed for the price increase, because it can not have any feeling and thinking ability, a living body and an intelligent living organism can think and have feeling, the government is made up different peoples and it serves to control the public in general and the government officers and the persons or members of government are busy in the tasks of controlling the countries where they operate, so what government knows and what government knows not is useless to mention, because it is not a living organism. The government is knowingly or unknowingly is involved in the global trade activities and most of the members of the governments have their own businesses and trades and they own huge factories and manufacturing plants and industries, and world’s biggest factories are owned by them, and they earn huge profits. So if the common peoples want that they get proper food grains and daily need items in reasonable price then they should form cooperative business organizations, and the members of such cooperative organizations should be given the commodities in cheaper prices and if the cooperative organizations of the common public grows bigger then it can start its own manufacturing factories and plants and in this way the common public can get freedom from the slavery of the economic feudalism of modern time and new era. The agricultural land is in the hands of private persons and farmers and it is not under governmental ownership and control hence it can not be planned that how much food grains needed to be cultivated and how much oil seeds and how much fruits and cotton and how much other vegetables are needed and other crops for the animal fodder and for manufacture of beer how much other crops to be grown to meet the needs of peoples and how much other plants needed to be grown for wood and timber and for medicines. The cooperative organizations can purchase large agricultural lands and it can grow the commodities which are needed according to plan and needs of its members, this is a kind of collective farming, and in this manner the cooperative organization can also engage in manufacturing activities by installing big factories and plants, this can give an opportunity for more localized jobs and employments for its members, so what we need is a good community leader and it is very easy for the larger minority populations in every country, because they are having a motive for development as the majority counterparts of these minority peoples easily finds their way in the government jobs and in politics and other financial activities. The economic feudalism has spread its arms around all peoples and if proper efforts to escape from this sort of slavery are not made in time then it will engulf all resource less peoples of the whole world alike, the world economics depends on the business and profits and it does not care for the poor and needy persons and the governments are busy in the administration and welfare and education of its subjects, they are producing just marginally literate persons who can work as a good clerk and accountants in the banks and offices and in business firms and organizations, the educators of government school syllabus and curriculum are concerned with new challenges of the new era but they do not think about the usefulness of the education given to the small children in the schools, for example the least count multiple and the greatest common factors and prime factors and the number line and the whole numbers and real numbers and ordinal numbers and prime numbers etc can cause confusion and difficulty to the children of 6th and 7th standard classes, these type of mathematics should be avoided in lower classes as they can create fear and prevent the child from acquiring knowledge and it can induce fear in the child and hinder his development in the mathematics if these type of irrelevant stuff is kept in the syllabus of the lower classes for the early childhood schools it will be very harmful for the tiny brains, but the government is constantly under pressure due to new challenges of new era and the government wants to give good and useful knowledge to its citizens so that they can help themselves in this new era of economic growth and global business scenario, but what ever the efforts of governments be the common peoples can not escape from becoming economic slaves in the already prevailed economic feudalism because unless the public themselves will not do any thing to prevent the slavery, no body other will help them because every body is busy in his own profits and loss calculations, the real price of any commodity is really very low because every thing is obtained from the earth, and the food items are 100% of herbal and renewable sources and the chemicals are mostly byproducts and wastes from the factories which are sold at throw away prices, the glimpses of real value marketing can be seen in the business of China because the Chinese commodities are very cheap compared to any other country’s commodities, and the quality is also reasonable and they are made up of real materials and the Chinese commodities are real material commodities they are not produced by magic, in spite of this the Chinese commodities are really very cheap, and the reason of the lowest price of Chinese commodities is their actual low and real cost, and this actual and real cost is deliberately kept hidden from the consumers in the global market to obtain huge profits. 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taboo what is forbidden: Jews and Muslims and Israel:  

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